Well Hello There!!!

It is currently 3am on Friday the 24th Feb and I am updating the Blog!

The Store has reopened after I decided to close down for a day (turned into two) because I have updated all of the kits! 

GUESS WHAT!!!! You as the shopper now get to choose your enhancements!! THATS RIGHT you can now choose if you want AB drills, Glitter Drills, Crystal Drills, Pixie Powder Drills AB Glow Drills or NONE if you would like to not have any enhancements! 

Told you I have been busy! and you are very welcome!

Change One:
One of the changes I have introduced to the store is kits are now set sizes. I have done this to eliminate the kits being to small for the size chosen. The set size means the artwork or kit you choose will be at the very best quality I can render in. However if you are a diamond painter that loves working on bigger kits feel free to pop me a message and I will let you know if the selected artwork will render at the same quality on your behalf!


The Store is now open!!!!! I am still working behind the scenes ... So some areas are "hidden" for now but rest assured I will be up and running again very soon to full capacity.

Thank you for your patience while I juggle some things behind the scenes!


If you have found your way here before I have made my announcement thank you for your support and keen eye!

Please note that the store will remain closed just a little longer as I am making some great changes with some amazing upgrades that will be coming to you very soon!

I hope you have a wonderful new year and I will see you in 2024!

Over the festive season I have been hard at work and I have some amazing changes that are heading to the Fanatics Store!

I will be announcing these changes & additions ~ Jan 8th on my Monday Night Live on my YouTube Channel! 

Tune in to see a few of the changes headed your way!

Dated: 29/12/23

Well... I told you I was working hard didn't I... We now have a new website launch!

I hope it is as easier than ever to navigate. With more information at your fingertips, an up close and personal introduction to me and my team of amazing and talented artists from all walks of life!

My contact information can be found on the bottom of any page so feel free to reach out anytime, if I can be of assistance to you

Dated 23/12/23