Cindy Michelle

"The Boss" & Supporter of ALL Art Mediums

Hi There, I am Cindy and I started this company as a passionate and dedicated diamond painter. I am fanatical about the hobby hence the company name!

I aim to provide you with top quality diamond painting kits, crafts and accessories and it has been an absolute joy to send my products all over the globe! 

Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and surpass them with every incoming order.

Love, Hugs and Sparkles to you all!

Selina Fenech

“As an artist, I paint because of a driving need to create beauty and magic. It is an inner need which I fulfil by putting brush to paper. But there is no magic there until it is shared, no joy to be found in the forms and colours until it is seen by another.

So I want to thank you, for looking upon my artwork and allowing its magic to become real, for making the image I have captured in paint and pencil come to life in your eyes and mind. I hope that my artwork can be an inspiration to you.”


Anthony Christou

Anthony Christou is a digital artist, traditional painter, illustrator, game designer and graphic novelist based in Adelaide, South Australia. His passion is for fantasy, mythology and surrealism. His artwork has been exhibited in several galleries and event across Australia. He is well known for taking his fantasy and popular culture paintings to comic conventions across Australia and the globe. His original fantasy artworks are collected by the general public and adorn many household walls. His comic and fantasy art series Luminous Ages is an adventure series that represents many mythologies and cultures while also expressing environmentalist themes. It is one of the highest funded Graphic Novels on Kickstarter within Australia.

His personal body of artwork for the fine art world has also focused on bringing together the popular aesthetics of fantasy, mythology and surrealism and expressing it with social issues of environmentalism, multiculturalism and climate change.

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Travis Johnson (AI)

Travis began experimenting with watercolour painting, acrylic painting, and art journaling as a way to work through severe depression and anxiety. He often incorporates those techniques he learned into his AI artwork. He is a fan of science fiction and fantasy, bright colours, and enjoys diamond painting.


John Kenward

John Kenward is a self taught artist who grew up close with nature. 

 He loves to create scenes that would not necessarily occur in reality, and enjoys the challenge of taking an imaginary scene and converting it into something that could almost be believable. 

 He currently lives with his wife and children in Ontario, Canada.


Finira (AI)

Finira studied at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, majoring in art.

She focused on photography and drawing.

Increasing digitalization and the development of artificial intelligence have given her new tools that she uses in her artistic process.

Exploring new art forms and combining them with tradition fascinates her and drives her creative work.

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Karisma Art (AI)

I've loved to paint and draw since I was young and put that love for creating into the usual crafting hobbies. 

After becoming disabled arts and crafts helped me cope mentally and emotionally. 

Now, diamond painting and ai art have given me an artistic outlet that I thought I'd lost when my disability progressed.

 I love that I can now let my imagination free again and dream up characters and worlds and see those as artwork that I can now share.

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Celestial Jacks (AI)

My name is Celestial Jacks, an AI artist, rendering evocative and haunting creations that capture the darker side of life.

My art is a reflection of my own introspective nature, as I delve into the depths of my own psyche to uncover the beauty in darkness and pain.

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Hannah Lipskey (AI)

Hannah is a digital artist who primarily uses the AI generator MidJourney in combination with digital painting in Procreate.

Her first career love was teaching philosophy to college students before chronic illness took her down a new path.

She comes to her art with a spirit of curiosity and creativity, and she loves exploring a wide range of artistic styles and experimenting with new artistic tools.

Hannah lives in Chicago with her wife Claire, their cat Layla, and their golden retriever Riley

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ShalaJarias  (AI)

Hey there, I'm Dewi!

I live in Germany and love nothing more than creating unique AI images in Midjourney.

My favourite subjects to bring to life are enchanting female characters with an otherworldly appeal. But when I'm not lost in the world of AI, you can find me indulging in my other passions, like diamond painting or exploring the great outdoors with my furry best friend.

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Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a freelance artist who specializes in Fairy, Fantasy, and Gothic Artwork.

Having permission from Jasmines team I have selected several of her artworks to turn into diamond paintings.


Michelle Xia

I am Michelle Xia, currently residing in Taipei I consider myself an ordinary artist, yet my passion for painting has burned within me since childhood. Through visual expressions, I aim to convey the intricate emotions that reside within, hoping to resonate with those who experience my work. My creative journey draws its essence from life's multifaceted tapestry of emotions—joy, anger, sadness, and happiness. It is deeply rooted in my profound love for the natural world, finding inspiration in every element, be it the elegance of flowers, the vitality of fauna, the marvel of insects, the expanse of the skies, the dance of raindrops, or the grandeur of mountains and seas. My artistic exploration is an ongoing quest to discover and highlight my distinctive essence. Amidst life's challenges and collisions, I am committed to unearthing extraordinary possibilities. I firmly hold the belief that every individual has the potential to lead an extraordinary life, as long as they possess the courage to embrace their pursuit of it.


Dim Draws

Dimitris Karakousis was born in a town of Greece called Katerini in 1996 and studied in the school of arts called AKTO, In the department of “Animation and Interactive Media”. From a young age he developed a strong interest for classic illustrated storybooks and animated movies. Inspired by them he began to draw famous characters in his own style and as well as create his own fantasy characters. Since 2012 he began sharing his own artwork in multiple social media websites and that encouraged him to continue to create artworks with his favourite subject matters being mythical creatures like Unicorns, Fairies and Mermaids. Since 2015, Dimitris started taking illustration commissions, that helped him to explore new ways to create artworks and also get of out of his comfort zone and learn new things. He illustrated so far two children’s books, the first one is “Thodoris and his Friends” written by Greek author Ria Felekidou and the second one is “My Secret Unicorn” written by Canadian author Paige Cody . In his free time, he likes to also create small animations, using his favourite technique of handing drawing (2D) animation.

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Karla Gerard

Nas Ghoul (AI)

Hello! My name is Ani.

I am 33 years old, love art and work as a math instructor. Having majored in Fine Art and also studying web development, I continue to enjoy exploring my creative side and utilizing the newest technologies.

Among many other things, I love depicting the Nazgûl in ethereal environments.

I am huge fan of the colors teal, pink, and purple as you might see! I decided on the name Nas.ghoul as an homage to the rapper Nas paired with “ghoul,” (spirit or phantom) to sound like Nazgûl.

I am very excited to share my art with you as I continue to embark on this creative journey!


Theresa Raymer (AI)

Newly Signed Artist

Newly Signed Artist

Newly Signed Artist